Friday, 8 August 2008

Swedish rosehip dessert soup

Polish: owoc dzikiej rozy
French: cynorrhodon
Armenian: Մասրենի
Luxembourgian: Mullebutz
Hungarian: csipkebogyó
Finnish: ruusunmarja
Catalan: gavarró
Russian: Шиповник
Breton: agroazenn
Danish: hyben

Summer is a great time. From now until October you can pick rosehips and prepare yourself this delicious nutritive thick sweet velvety soup. The recipe comes from Sweden, where rosehip soup is called nyponsoppa and is very popular, even ready to buy in tetra boxes in supermarkts.

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1l ripe rosehips
1l water
sugar (about 4-5 tablespoons)
vanilla stick
(optionally heavy, sour or whipped cream)
almond flakes, raisins, little almond cookies (amarettini)

1. Wash rosehips, cut into halves and pour into boiling water with vanilla stick. Cook on a low heat until rosehips are soft (it takes about 30 minutes). Put rosehips aside and keep the water in which they were cooked.

2. Press rosehips trough a fine sieve. Keep rosehip puree in a bowl and pour the rest (peels and stones) back to the rosehip water. Cook again and strain, it should be quite thick. Take 3 amounts of this rosehip water to 1 amount of rosehip puree, add sugar to taste and it should be thick enough. if not, add more rosehip puree. It takes a bit more time than cooking rosehips and adding cornstarch but the soup has a rich intensive taste due to this proceedings.

I am not sure if Swedes eat their sweet fruity soup just like Poles, in the summertime as a light dinner, or rather as a dessert. Anyway, serve with heavy, sour or whipped cream (if you like), sprinkle with raisins, almond flakes and amarettini.

What to do with the rest of rosehip puree? heat it in a saucepan with vanilla mark and 2 tablespoons butter. You will receive a delicious breakfast spread :)


P said...

I´ve never really learned to appreciate nyponsoppa, but I didn't know it was called rosehip in English :)

Ewa's corner: milk & pumpkin said...

Yes, nypon would be rosehip :) I actually adore rosehip taste, I started with rosehip jelly (I cook rosehips in water and then I add potato starch to this sweet water) and then I learned about nyponsoppa. I made it with fresh rosehips instead of what many recipes suggest, cooking dried rosehips and thickening with potato starch (which would be actually something similar to my jelly).
I visited your site... Now I am crazy about Alandspannkaka but have no oven here at the moment :'( I will surely also try Ärtsoppa. We have a similar soup in Poland, too.

P said...

Im glad you liked the site, it's pretty new :) Ärtsoppa is quite nice, you should eat it at thursdays and finish with thin-pancakes for dessert according to Swedish tradition! :)

Ewa's corner: milk & pumpkin said...

Ärtsoppa will be then made on Thursday and accompaigned by pancakes, as it has to be :) What do you mean by writing "thin pancakes"? Should they be thin and wide like crepes or blini? With which kind of filling? Yes, my Thursday dinner has to be 100% Swedish :)

P said...

Thin and wide like crepes, as you say. I wish you a nice Swedish thursday dinner :)