Friday, 1 February 2008

Polish rosehip dessert

Polish: owoce dzikiej róży
Japanese: ローズヒップ
Swedish: nypon
Catalan: cinoròdon
German: Hagebutte
Spanish: escaramujo
Dutch: rozenbottel
Hungarian: csipkebogyó
Armenian: Մասրենին
Finnish: ruusunmarja
Danish: hyben
Czech: šípky

Rosehips are extremely rich in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. Even chinchillas enjoy eating them, not mentioning me. When I was a child, my parents were buying a rosehip nectar to me. I remember this taste, something unforgettable. During my studies at the German Baltic coast, I was gathering rosehips and petals from the beach bushes and preparing juices and jams, and I managed to recovery the childhood memory about rosehip nectar. This time I thought I could make a jelly, too. In Polish, we call it kisiel z owocow dzikiej rozy. Swedish rosehip soup would be the next :)

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about 1 liter rosehips
3 spoons potato starch

1. After picking rosehips (choose big round fleshy rosehips, just like those above), don't clean them from the seeds, just wash them and don't cut

(this picture is from Wikipedia: I

2. Put rosehips in a pot and add so much water just to cover fruits, not more. Cook for 20-30 minutes. Fruits have to be soft and water should be orange.

3. Drain. Now you have a delicious rose juice that needs no sugar cause is very sweet and tastes great, and also rosehips which you can use to make a jam. Just rub through a sieve to divide skins and stones from fruit pulp. Boil the pulp with as much sugar as you like and add a bit of lemon juice. Rosehip jam is ready!

4. Back to the jelly. My proportions are 3 spoons potato starch to 2 cups rosehip juice. Boil 1,5 cup juice and aside melt potato flour in 0,5 cup juice. When flour has combined with juice, take the pot from the heat, add flour juice and mix fast. When homogeneous, heat again until bubbles appear. Serve with yoghurt, sour cream or whipped sweet cream.


Anonymous said...

fantastic recipe - and very timely! Thank you

Ewa said...

You are welcome :)