Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Egyptian fried eggplant

Polish: bakłażan
Maldivian: ބަށި
Ilokano: tarong
Vietnamese: CPà tيm
Armenian: րադենջան
Slovenian: jajčevec
Romanian: vânătă
Malagasy: baranjely
Georgian: ბადრიჯანი
Corsican: malinzana

Did you ever wonder why is eggplant actually called... eggplant? Well, the ancient eggplants were not violet and long, but white and egg-shaped. You can find white eggy aubergines until today, but not here in the heart of Europe. In Poland, until XIX century, eggplants and tomatoes were considered nothing but decorative garden plants! My poor grand-grand-grand-grandparents, they never tried delicious fried aubergines! I spied on this recipe from an Egyptian so I consider it Egyptian, but I guess باذنجان مقلي can be served anywhere where eggplants popular are. Egyptians serve them with koshary and fried yellow peppers. Recipes for those dishes will appear soon, I promise!

aubergine (-s)
lemon juice (vinegar)
garlic cloves

1. Cut eggplants in 0,5cm - 1cm slices. Sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 minutes

2. They are ready when drops of water appears on its surface

3. Fry eggplants (oil has to be really hot) from both sides until golden

4. Prepare the sauce: combine lemon juice (vinegar) with salt, kammun and chopped garlic cloves (proportions to taste)

5. Deep each slice in lemon juice sauce and leave on a plate.


Anonymous said...

its lent and i am making this! thanks for the recipe and awesome pics :)

Ewa said...

You are welcome! I hope you liked the dish!