Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Sea-buckthorn dessert

Polish: rokitnik
Upper Sorbian: rokotnik
Catalan: arç groc
Danish: havtorn
Hungarian: homoktövis
Romanian: cătina albă
Finnish: tyrni
Esperanto: ipofao
Lithuanian: Šaltalankis
Chinese: 沙棘
French: argousier
Russian: oблепи́ха

I lived for two years at the German Baltic coast. My student's dorm was next to the beach (well, half hour jogging) and it is when I first met sea-buckthorn. I needed to know about this new, funny plant. I read so much and I learned that dried sea-buckthorn served as a vitamin C capsule for Russian soldiers, cause this fruit contains so much vitamin C as no other fruit, even rosehip and blackcurrant. Mashed sea buckthorn can refresh the face skin and fruits together with the whole sprigs (cut) can be cooked with water and drunk as a homemade delicious homemade hairgrowth stimulation. When I was in that city again, some weeks ago, I had no other option but cut some sprigs and transport them home in my suitcase. I made sea-buckthorn jelly, sorbet, beverage and ice-cream. Here is my jelly :)

1 cup sea-buckthorn juice
1 cup water
sugar to taste (you must try it on your own, sea-buckthorn's taste is very specific, a bit bitter, a bit acid)
4 teaspoons gelatine (or agar-agar, but I don't know how much)
1/2 banana
1/3 cup strawberries

1. Press juice from sea-buckthorn berries using the methode that is the most comfortable for you (I rubbed them through a fine sieve and used the pomace to prepare my sunny yellow beverage)

2. Mix juice with water and sugar and cook. When warm (not necesarily boiled), add gelatine or agar-agar powder

3. Take 1/5 from the jelly and mix with strawberries. Other 1/5 should be mixed with half banana.

4. When harden, divide three jellies in your cups. Let it rest in the fridge until congealed, and consume!

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