Thursday, 7 February 2008

Polish (Silesian) poppyseed pudding

Polish: mak
Sudovian: mākē
Valencian: rosella
Sardinian: pabauri
Sanskrit: खस्खसवृक्षं
Persian: خشخاش
Guarani: ka’amonge
Macedonian: Мак
Upper Sorbian: mak
Aragonese: ababol
Basque: mitxoleta

Christmas time is over. Carnival is over. Even Ash Wednesday is over. But I think about poppyseed desserts still and already miss them. Why do Poles love Christmas so much? Because we eat tons of poppyseed this period, which makes us feel good and very happy. People prepare poppy with whipped cream and pasta, poppy with cooked wheat grains and raisins, poppy mass with little crunchy fried cakes or makowiec, twist cake with poppy filling. My family loves poppy not only in December. We made another poppy dessert some days ago. after New Year. Here it is: Silesian makiełka

800 gr poppyseed
1/2 - 1 cup honey (depends how sweet you would like to have your dessert)
1 cup raisins, dried dates chopped, dried cranberries
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, almonds
1 challah or sweet yeast bun
1 cup whipped cream (or more)

1. Begin in the evening the day before eating. Pour poppyseed in a bowl and cover with 1 liter boiling water. Poppyseed have to be covered all. Cover the bowl with a plate, seeds should drink all or most of the water until the next day.

2. Grate drained poppy twice or better thrice in the grating machine.

3. Add honey and whipped cream to poppy cream, stir. Slice challah.

4. Prepare a big nice bowl. Put carefully some slices of challah on the bottom to cover it completely, this is the first layer. Cover challah with poppy cream, sprinkle with a handful of dried fruits and nuts. Continue until all the ingredients are over, the last layer should be dried fruits and nuts.

5. Let cool for about 5 hours (or the whole night) in the fridge, so that challah becomes soft. Some people use water instead of whipped cream, and their poppy mass is a bit loose and challah soaks with poppy layer perfectly, but with whipped cream it is much more tasty!

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