Saturday, 2 June 2012

Kurpie traditional food

Culinary adventures in SIERPC skansen. Food from KURPIE region.

1. CZERNINA - a wonderful, tasteful and healthy soup for brave people. Its main ingredient is duck blood. Besides, it contains dry fruits (mainly dried pears and prunes), veggies and soft yummy potato dumplings and chunks of meat. It was a countryside typical soup, often prepared when there was a candidate to marry your daughter and he wasn't good enough (that is when this soup was symbolically served, to dump the guy). Have a look. After trying grilled blood in Spain I became crazy about blood dishes. I'll post abouti t separately.

2. SMAŻONKA, a kind of meat-onion casserole

3. MY DINNER - CZERNINA; PSIWO (homemade juniper beer) and a slice of homemade bread with liver pâté (they also served bread with lard and pickled cucumber)


5. OTHER REGIONAL PRODUCTS: HOMEMADE CORDIALS, GRILL CAKES, wonderful dry SAUSAGES and FAFERNUCHY (honey, carrots and rye flour cakes)

Valencian food

I think it is time to finally publish some pictures of my travel to Valencia region, Spain. I won't enter into deails about the reasons of the travel and how was it cause here it is to talk about food. And the food was wonderful. At the beginning I was shy to take snapshots of all the tapas and other delicacies, but starting from sang en ceba I got the courage.

SANG EN CEBA. My other Polish colleagues didn't really want to try, even if we have a long and rich tradition of bloody dishes in Poland. It is totally tasty.

What he had at LOLO restaurant:
1. PERICANA (typical alcoyan dried peppers spread)
2. Small portions to satisfy the first hunger
3. ARROZ CON SEPIA Y ALCACHOFAS - they say that not only sepia but also artichokes give black colour
5. BOMBON (expresso with condensed milk)
6. Something digestive - aniseed cordial and cookies

Now a bunch of other tapas dinner.
1. A plate of cheeses and hams, fresh tomato puree and alioli sauce
2. BURGOS-type cheese with anchovy
3. DACSA - a bit spicy maize
4. grilled veggies
5. Octopus with potatoes, sprinkled with paprika, that was totally tasty!
6. I really don't even remember :(

Things I bought in local shops:
1. PLATANOS DE CANARIAS - they say that bananas from Canary islands are the best
2. CARDOS (edible thistles)
3. ALTRAMUCES (lupine beans)
4. ORCHATA DE CHUFAS (tigernut milk)
5. SOBRASADA (ham-meat-pepper-lard dark-orange spread)
6. MORCILLA (blood sausage, local variety with onion instead of rice)
7. some sausages and jamones for my workmates

Last dinner in Alicante
1&2. fishsoup
3. our last PAELLA