Saturday, 2 June 2012

Valencian food

I think it is time to finally publish some pictures of my travel to Valencia region, Spain. I won't enter into deails about the reasons of the travel and how was it cause here it is to talk about food. And the food was wonderful. At the beginning I was shy to take snapshots of all the tapas and other delicacies, but starting from sang en ceba I got the courage.

SANG EN CEBA. My other Polish colleagues didn't really want to try, even if we have a long and rich tradition of bloody dishes in Poland. It is totally tasty.

What he had at LOLO restaurant:
1. PERICANA (typical alcoyan dried peppers spread)
2. Small portions to satisfy the first hunger
3. ARROZ CON SEPIA Y ALCACHOFAS - they say that not only sepia but also artichokes give black colour
5. BOMBON (expresso with condensed milk)
6. Something digestive - aniseed cordial and cookies

Now a bunch of other tapas dinner.
1. A plate of cheeses and hams, fresh tomato puree and alioli sauce
2. BURGOS-type cheese with anchovy
3. DACSA - a bit spicy maize
4. grilled veggies
5. Octopus with potatoes, sprinkled with paprika, that was totally tasty!
6. I really don't even remember :(

Things I bought in local shops:
1. PLATANOS DE CANARIAS - they say that bananas from Canary islands are the best
2. CARDOS (edible thistles)
3. ALTRAMUCES (lupine beans)
4. ORCHATA DE CHUFAS (tigernut milk)
5. SOBRASADA (ham-meat-pepper-lard dark-orange spread)
6. MORCILLA (blood sausage, local variety with onion instead of rice)
7. some sausages and jamones for my workmates

Last dinner in Alicante
1&2. fishsoup
3. our last PAELLA

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