Thursday, 21 February 2008

Vegetables in batter

Polish: ciasto naleśnikowe
Bawarian: bachdoag
Italian: pastella
Swedish: frityrsmet
French: pâte à frire
Breton: toaz-fritañ
Basa Sunda: adonan
Finnish: friteeraustaikina
Hebrew: בלילה
Zulu: dumuza

The idea of frying vegetables in a batter was something that I heard about but never beloeved that could taste good. I learned how to do it and now each month I have to prepare (and consume :P) my beloved fried cauliflowers. The main idea of cooking and frying cauliflower in a batter came to me from an Egyptian family that I know, but I prepared the batter on my own. My mom adores this dish and, as you will see on the pics, you can fry anything. Just have a look:

1 egg
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
salt, cumin

1. prepare the batter: whisk egg with milk. When ready, blend with sifted flour and add salt and cumin to taste. The best thing you can do now is let your batter have some rest in the fridge. After 1 hour it tastes better.

2. Cook vegetables until soft (I recommend cauliflowers, but also broccoli, carots, turnips, corn, I even saw once fried long green peppers, first stuffed with some dlicious filling and then fried in batter -> see the pictures below to get the inspiration :P)

3. Dip vegetable slices in the batter using two forks and fry.



CORN (with and without parsley green):



few cauliflowers and lots of batter? ...COULIFLOWER PANCAKE:

Serve with any sauce/dip/cream you like, be it tahini, tarator, hummus, babaganoug, mayonnaise & kethup sauce or anything. Recipes for the sauces will appear soon.

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