Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Kashubian / German buttermilk sweet spread

Polish: maślanka
Chuvash: yйран
Xhosa: ixibhiya
Finnish: piimä
Chinese: 酪漿
Marathi: ताक
Slovakian: pinjenec
Suahili: mtindi
French: babeurre
Vietnamese: nước sữa

Do you remember manjar blanco, Latin American spread / cream / filling? There is a traditional Kashubian and/or German breakfast bread spread, very similar to the Latin American one, and the technique is so similar, too. Buttermilch Honig, or buttermilk honey, great with fresh crunchy bread (integral bread, too!) or pancakes :)

1 l buttermilk
500 gr sugar
optionally: a little pinch of cinnamon or vanilla

Cook buttermilk with sugar in a pan on a low heat and mix constantly until you obtain a creamy thick spread (takes about 1/2 hour)


Woodgrove Sec Homec Unit said...

I tried twice but it didn't work ... the buttermilk split and I had curds ... help!

Ewa said...

I know, it will always curd. See the picture of mine? It has little little curds, but I use a little whisk to make them tiny (they give slightly crunchy texture), I whisk mine constantly, it takes long but it works. I hope you succeed and please let me know! Greetings! :)