Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Polish filled wafer cake + caramel-and-cookies filling, helva filling or fruity filling

Polish: wafle
Spanish: oblea
Turkish: kağıt helva
Japanese: ウエハース
Italian: cialda
Russian: Вафля
Croatian: vafel-list
Hebrew: ופלה
Portuguese: obreia
German: Oblaten

If you manage to find big dry wafer sheets, don't hesitate and buy them. In Poland they are very popular: wafer bars covered with milk or white chocolate, with differrent fillings: peanut, hazelnut, cocoa, coconut or even lemon, banana or apple; or big rounded layered cakes covered with chocolate, which you can buy in any grocery store. But same time you can buy sheets of wafers and make this kind of cake on your own; sometimes it is called pishinger. I will not give you now the most typical cocoa filling (maybe one day), cause I would like to suggest you to think about wafers from the other perspective. Here they are, homemade Polish wafers with 1: fruit filling, 2: biscuits-caramel filling and 3: halva filling!

(+ one advice before presenting you my recipes: when you are finished, cover your wafer cake with any baking or kitchen paper and put on the table and... cover with the heaviest book that you have, for, let's say, 30 minutes. This will help your wafer looking good, cause they are originally dry and when they feel the moisture of the filling, sometimes they re-shape and the edges deflect, which you have to avoid!)

Before starting, read wafer cake tutorial!!!!!

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wafers (so many layers as you only wish)

filling 1:
120 gr butter / margarine
1/2 cup cream (12%, 18%, 36%... anything actually, but I took 12%)
1/2 cup sugar
1 pack fruit jello (depends on your pack but should be about 80 gr)
(optionally: 1 tablespoon powdered milk)

filling 2:
2 cans sweet condensed milk (one of them can be of cocoa flavour; if not, take 1 tablespoon powdered cocoa)
petit beurre / leibniz style biscuits (so many as many layers you would like to obtain, see below)

filling 3:
mashed sesame halva, 1 cup
butter, 1/2 cup
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon powdered milk (or more)

filling 1: put all the ingredients in a saucepan, heat and stir until melted. Set aside until cook and thicker. Take the first wafer, smear with jello cream, cover with the next wafer and so on, until the cream is finished. The last layer should be wafer, of course.

filling 2: cook cans with condensed milk for 3 hours in boiling water (be sure your cans are always under water; otherwise it can be dangerous!) or open them and prepare like manjar blanco, the choice is yours but the first option is much easier cause you don't need to stay in the kitchen for 3 hours and stir :) If you don't have cocoa condensed milk, whip one can of already cooked milk with cocoa. Some people beat cooked milk with butter, but you don't have to (I never do). Now smear the first wafer with caramel milk, which has to be covered with biscuits. Smear next wafer with cocoa milk and cover biscuits . Cocoa caramel has to touch biscuits, cause on the other side of wafer you will now smear milk caramel. Repeat until the last wafer and remember the layers: wafer - milk caramel - biscuits - cocoa caramel - wafer and so on (if my explication is not clear, please don't hesitate to ask me!)

filling 3: After mashing halva, mix it with soft butter, add peanut butter and powdered milk. Spread between wafer sheets. On my pic one layer is darker cause I added some cocoa too.
Observation: it is better to keep these wafers for 1 night in the fridge. I left them in the fridge and forgot abut them for 1 night and next day they were much better, cause halva filling need moretime to harden. What you see is a wafer just after cutting into misshapen diamonds. Next day the filling was solid and so easy to cut!)

I dedicate all those sweets to someone dear to my heart who is 33 today but unavailable to hear my cordial happy birthday... :(


Anonymous said...

in number 2, what do you mean by biscuits?? herbatniki? or something like that?

Ewa said...

Herbatniki (typu petitki) maslane albo oblane czekolada :)

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find a supplier of wafer sheets on-line. Do you know of any?

Ewa said...

Yes, I know some. try here: http://parthenonfoods.com/-c-2_55.html or here: http://www.krum.lt/en/Production.html
I guess you may not speak Polish but of I am wrong, here are some more pages (those below are waffle sheets producers pages):

justagirl said...

I found the wafers mentioned here at both the international and the Russian grocery stores in my community. What treasure troves! I can't wait to make this recipe- thank you!

Anonymous said...


Ewa said...

No, you don't add any water. Just cream. Try it, this filling is really really tasty!