Saturday, 1 March 2008

Indonesian cheese cookies

Polish: ser
Greenlandic: immussuaq
Uzbek: пишлоқ
Cornish: keus
Old Prussian: sūris
Amharic: አይብ
Faroese: ostur
Hausa: cúkű
Tajik: панир
Abkhazian: ашә
Chechen: нехча

Cheese... cookies...? Yes! I want to present you the most delicious cookies of the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cheese Indonesian cookies called sagu keju! I think that all the cookie lovers should make them at least once in a lifetime. I am sure you will love them. I once found sago pearls in my shop and carefully browsed the web in search of sago recipes. The most interesting one was sagu keju, but only in Indonesian :) Using all the dictionaries I could only find, I translated the ingredients, but couldn't go through the whole recipe. A dear blogger comrade from translated for me her delicious recipe for these cookies. Thank you again for sharing that wonderful recipe, these cookies are unbelievably, unbelievably delicious!

125 g margarin
100 g butter
125 g powder sugar
3 egg yolks
100 g Edam cheese / old cheese*
50 g Cheddar cheese
300 g sago flour / arrowroots flour**
50 g maizena /cornstarch
50 g all purpose flour

1. Combine both shortenings with sugar until soft. Add egg yolks one by one and continue mixing

2. Mix sweet shortening with the cheese (*beware, it really has to be old! I made them once from fresh fat cheese and cookies melted in the oven... I did them thrice and I can say that you can take any kind of cheese -once I had olny fat Podlaski cheese- but frst grate it and leave uncovered overnight so that it becomes dry)

3. The last step is to add flours and to ocmbine well, until homogeneous. Use a piping bag with star nozzle and form lovely rings. Bake for 30 minutes in 180C, until dry but still not golden

and here are my sagu keju made without a piping bag


Everything4sweets said...

Hi Ewa, I am glad you like the recipe :)
Beautiful Picture too !!!

Ewa's corner: milk & pumpkin said...

Thanks again :) For the first time I had no pipink bag but I felt like desecrating the recipe, so I bought the piping bag and nozzles especially to make it one more time ;) I really admire your art of cooking and your whole blog! I was there today again and I found some new recipes which I am dreaming to try buy I would need a little help with the translation :) But I'll talk to you later cause right now I am very busy and no time for kitchen experiments... Lots of greetings!

yohana said...

hi ewa...
this is yohana from

i'm sorry for my late respons for the translation of cheese sagoo cookies you ask from me....

i'm glad that you already had one of the many version of this popular cookies from my country.
if you want to try another version, please come to my blog, this is the recipe link :


Ewa's corner: milk & pumpkin said...

Dear Yochana:
again, thanks a lot for your recipe! It differs from the first recipe I received and that is great cause I have a good excuse to bake sagu keju again :) I just made them today and they are still warm, this time I got lovely shape and I am gonna publish the picture soon, tonight. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe and for translating it for me!
Indonesian sweets are the best of the world :D