Sunday, 2 March 2008

Polish apple fritters

Polish: jabłko
ChuvashP: Панулми
Kashubian: jabko
Sudovian: ābalē
Old Prussian: vuobelis
Kazahk: алма
Tamil: ஆப்பிள
Fijian: yapolo
Greenlandic: iipili
Manx: ooyl
Yoruba: ápù

In France people say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, in Morocco: A stone from the hand of a friend is an apple, in Germany: Handsome apples are sometimes sour, and in Poland: There no apple is sweeter than your mother. There are thousands of proverbs about apples, many stories, myths, legends about apples, because it is one of the most expanded and oldest plantations worldwide. Where was the biblical paradise? In China or in Cenral Asia, cause those regions are a homeland of wild apples. They love template climate, that is why in Central Europe they are the most beloved fruits. Can you believe that there are more that 10.000 differrent sorts of apples? And so many ways of eating them. This Polish recipe is called jabłka w cieście: Polish-style apples in batter.

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
salt, sugar, a handful dried coocnut flakes
apples - I took 7 (juicy and rather small ones, elstar would be great)
cinnamon powder, powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar

1. Put unpeeled apples into boiling water for a short while, less than 5 minutes

2. Peel them and hollow out the part with the seeds (great if you have a special knife to do this)

3. Cut each apple into 3 thick slices but be careful, they are quite soft!

4. Prepare the batter (combine all the ingredients), deep each apple slice in the batter and fry from both sides. Sprinkle with cinnamon or powdered sugar or both before serving.

I am really glad to participate in Apple Cooking Event, cause apples are the most popular fruits in the country where I come from. My mum is an avid apple eater, but she accepts only one sort, sweet and sour and juicy elstar apples. She eats about 3 apples a day! A very Polish way of eating apples is to deep them into a batter and fry. There are many kinds of batter, even with beer, but I offer you my batter that goes perfect with apples, bananas or even vegetables.

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