Monday, 3 March 2008

Polish potato-walnut fritters

Polish: orzech włoski
Saami: niehtti
Estonian: kreeka pähkel
Romansch: nose
Swiss German: Baumnuss
Kurdish: gûz
Irish: gallchnó
Turkmen: грек хозы
Greek: καρύδι
Belarussian: арэх

In this post I would like to present you a very old Polish recipe how to prepare potatoes, including walnuts: kotleciki z orzechów (walnut-potato fritters). I found it once while browsing old Polish cookbooks from the time before the Second World War. Potatoes are usually prepared in Poland as various dumplings or latkes, pancakes or as a filling for pierogi (the filling can be raw grated potatoes or cooked, mashed with curd, garlic and herbs). Believe me or not but walnuts and potatoes go really well together.

1/2 kg cooked, peeled potatoes
100 gr ground walnuts
2 eggs
1/2 cup breadcrumbs*
a handful dill
salt, pepper
+ 1 egg, a pinch of salt, a handful flour and breadcrumbs and oil to fry

1. Mash potatoes and mix well with ground walnuts, add whisked eggs, finely chopped dill (or parsley, but dill tastes here much better) and breadcrumbs (* if 1/2 cup is not enough to form balls from the dough, add more)

2. Form nice balls and flatten between your hands

3. Prepare 3 plates: first with egg whisked with a pinch of salt, second with flour and third with breadcrumbs. Now do the following: cover each piece of the dough with flour, then deep in whished egg and after all, cover in breadcrumbs and fry.

This is my second contribution into Sia's Ode to Potato event. I hope it is allowed ;)


Sia said...

Ewa, that looks delicious. what a wonderful combination of potatoes with walnuts! thank you for sending in this delicious entry:)

Ewa said...

Thank you Sia. I hope that if you try this recipe, you say the same :) Can't wait to see the compilation of the recipes of your potato event!