Saturday, 7 March 2009

Estonian rye bread mousse

Polish: chleb żytni
German: Roggenbrot
Albanian: bukë thekre
Finnish: ruisleipä
Russian: ржаной хлеб
Swedish: rågbröd
Greek: ψωμί σικάλεωσ
Bahasa Indonesia: roti hitam
Portuguese: pão de centeio
Czech: žitný chléb

Does a simple rye bread serve only to prepare sandwiches? In Baltic countries deffinitely no. Once I found in a grocery a delicious yoghurt with rye bread crumbles from Lithuania. Since that time I was looking for other sweet dessert recipes with rye bread. For instance, in Estonia people know how to prepare delicious rye bread sweet soup, rye bread pudding or cake or a wonderful rye bread mousse (leivakreem). I guess if there is rye bread ice cream? :)

To prepare 2 portions of leivakreem, you need:

few slices of rye bread (about 100 gr)
300 ml whipping cream
1 tablespoon butter
a pinch of cinnamon
40 gr sugar + 40 gr vanillasugar

1. If your bread slices are not dry enough, dry them in a toaster or oven. Then, grate

2. Fry bread crumbs in butter with sugar. Add cinnamon and set aside to cool

3. Whip the cream and when ready, add cooled breadcrumbs. Serve with any kind of sour jam (I used mirabelle)

ps. some people also add 1 teaspoon of gelatine to the mousse (just sprinkle the gelatine with few cold water, set aside for 5 minutes, warm shortly in microwave and beat together with whipping cream. Of course in this case you'll have to wait about 2hours before serving the mousse)


Anonymous said...

Jest to mój ulubiony deser. Jest przepyszny, pozostawia niepowtarzalne wrażenia smakowe. Radzę wypróbować jest dodatkowo dość prosty w wykonaniu.

Ewa said...

Elizo, to jest ukochany deser mojej mamy. Od kiedy go po raz pierwszy zrobilam, mama co kilka dni mnie maltretuje, bym znowu zrobila "to estońskie cudo" :

Karima said...

better will be with cranberry jam
because this so sweet desert and its better with sour or acid jam
i love ur blog

Ewa said...

@Karima: you are so right! Plus, the tartness of cranberries... but I didn't have any! I guess lingonberries would be good too. Thanks for a lovely comment!