Thursday, 17 January 2008

(just my imagination) chocolate pudding

Polish: czekolada
Georgian: შოკოლადი
Armenian: Շոկոլադ
Basque: txokolate
Sardinian: tziculate
Maori: tiakarete
Faroese: sjokoláta
Azeri: şokolad
Nahuatl: xocolātl
Scots Gaelic: teòclaid
Tamil: சாக்கலேட்
Vietnamese: sô-cô-la
Yiddish: טשאקאלאד
Old Prussian: čėkuolads

If you feel like you wanna eat something sweet but fast to prepare, you can prepare a homemade pudding. Chocolate pudding is something really good for the long dark winter afternoons. Xocolātl was a drink and meant in mexican Nahuatl language nothing else but bitter water. It was a spicy drink of Mayas and Aztecas, and cacao beans were often used as currency in Mesoamerica. I never was a big fan of chocolate but a chocolate pudding is an exception.

1/2 l milk (2 cups)
50 gr (1/2 pack) chocolate, milk or bitter
2 spoons potato starch

1. Boil 1 1/2 cups of milk in a pot. Add chocolate chunks, stir until melted

2. Stir well 2 spoons of potato starch with the rest of milk, until homogeneous. No lumps!

3. When chocolate milk is boiling, take it off from the heat. Add milk with potato starch and stir well. If you do it carefully and fast, you have no lumps. After that, heat again until you see bubbles. Ready to be eaten!

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Anonymous said...

Dzien dobry / Dobre Den Ewa...I am just devouring your site here in US!!!

Many things look wonderful to me.

My Mother's Papa was Ukrainian from Kyiv..her Mother (my Babushka) was born in Belarus, but her parent's were Ukrainian.

My Father's family came here from Poland, but his Great Grandfather was from Russia.

You can just imagine the Holiday smells from all my families homes!

I cannot eat wheat (Я целіакії!) and am so enjoying looking over SO many Eastern European recipes that are using lot's of Potato starch.

Many Blessings!

Love & Light,