Wednesday, 16 January 2008

German rutabaga fritters

Polish: ziemniak
Kashubian: bùlwa
Turkmen: картошка
Swiss German: Härdöpfel
Manx: praase
Slovenian: krompir
Schwäbisch : Äbbiere
Romansh: tartuffel
Punjabi: ਆਲੂ
Maasai: ilpiasi
Byelorussian: бульба
Nahuatl: tlālcamohtli
Old Prussian: Bolbė
Telugu: బంగాళదుంప

Latkes is considered in USA a typical Jewish dish. Here in Poland we call them placki ziemniaczane, eat them often, usually with sour cream, gulash or sugar (!). Working with rasper is the longest part of preparation, but it is worth, even if the dish is caloric and fried, thus not very healthy. Polish latkes have a differrent consistence. They are crunchy of course but the recipe requires more flour and even milk or sour cream to add. To make it lighter in digestion, people often add grated carrot or pumpkin, which gives a beautiful colour. You can also add a spoon of tomato puree or chopped onions and garlic. This time I was basing on a German recipe for potato-rutabaga latkes (Steckrübenpuffer) but of course modified it a bit to fit my needs. Nice yellow rutabaga gives other colour to the dish and make it lighter in digestion.

500 gr rutabaga
500 gr potatoes
2 eggs
chive, parsley green
3 spoons (about 40 gr) flour
1 spoon a bit of salt
1 spoon dried herbs if you like to
lemon juice

1 cup sour cream or balcan yoghurt
1 spoon mustard
1 clove garlic
salt, pepper

1. Grate rutabaga first, than potato. This is important cause potato oxygenates, but you should not allow this. That is why you have to sprinkle grated potatoes with lemon juice and it won't become brown. Chop chives and / or parsley green

2. Mix eggs with flour in a bowl, stir grated vegetables very well and add in the bowl. Stir up all the ingredients, add salt and pepper

3. You can think you need more eggs or flour. Don't! Fry small portions in a saucepan with hot oil

4. Mix sour cream, mustard and chopped garlic, add salt and pepper to taste. The sauce is mine, not taken from any recipe, and it tastes really good with rutabaga latkes.


Nourished Kitchen said...

This is just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Ewa's corner: milk & pumpkin said...

Hi! I am glad that you are glad :) But please let me know did you try the recipe and if so, did it taste good? If you are a rutabaga fan like me, you could also like to try rutabaga croquettes: :)