Sunday, 13 January 2008

Romanian celery moussaka

Polish: seler
Turkish: kereviz
Sardinian: giùggiuru
Albanian: Selinoja
Hungarian: zeller
Slovak: okolíkatý
Romanian: ţelină
Zulu: useleri
Breton: ach
Chinese: 芹菜
Ukrainian: cелера
Flemish: selder
Vietnamese: cần tây
Arabic: كَرَفْس
Greek: Σέλινο
Quechua: kapin

Moussaka is a very popular dish in Balkans, Turkey and Romania. I don't know if celery moussaka is made in each of this regions but I found a Romanian recipe how to do it. I translated it with a help from UniLang friend, but of course changed it on my own way. Root celery is not one of the prettiest vegetables. I never liked its smell and always refused to taste a dish that contained even a bit of it. Now I know it is very healthy and I had to find a way to eat it and enjoy it. Here it goes: musaca de ţelină

200 gr turnip (about 3 medium turnips)
200 gr potatoes (about 2 big potatoes)
400 gr celery root (about 1 big root)
500 gr ground meat
2 eggs
3 onions
salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 cup sour cream
1 handful mint / parsley green
oil, butter

1. Cut vegetables into thin slices and fry each sort of them separately

2. Chop onions very fine, fry in oil. Add meat and chopped mint or parsley, salt and pepper to taste and fry.

3. Combine sour cream with 1 egg, scramble, season with nutmeg, salt and pepper

4. Grease a baking pn with butter. Cover the bottom of the pan with sliced fried celery slices.

5. Add egg to meat, mix well. Divide meat into 3 portions. Cover the celery layer with the first portion of meat.

6. 3. layer - fried potato slices; 4. layer - meat; 5. layer - tfried urnip slices; 6. layer - meat; 7. layer - cfried elery root slices; 8. layer - sour cream with scrambled egg.

7. Bake for about 30 minutes (or until the sour cream sauce is brownish) in the oven (250C)


Laura Tomescu said...

Cześć :) I'm from Romania and I found your blog searching info about zurek, I want to write on my blog about it. Can i take from you some info? :) And about this romanian receipt, I wish to help you with some more details, but i never heard in my country about celery musaka, I ate only with meat and potatoes.. But, maybe, in some parts of the country.. who knows :)

Ewa said...

Dear Laura! I like your blog so much! recently I started to learn Romanian (with Pimsleur audio course). Do you have any specific question about żurek or woud you rather know some general info? I will gladly help! And yes, I am very fond on Romanian recipes! Especially all the vegetable dishes and I also loved unripe walnut preserve, I have to make it this year finally! I found celery moussaka somewhere on Romanian culinary webpage, maybe someine imagined this recipe... Best regards!