Wednesday, 16 January 2008

(just my imagination) carrot casserole

Polish: marchew
Uyghur: سەۋزە
Urdu: گاجر
Tajik: Зардак
Armenian: գազար
Georgian: სტაფილო
Swiss German: Rüebli
Valencian: safanoria
Maltese: zunnarija
Bengali: গাজর
Papiamento: karòt
Hausa: karaz
Turkmen: кәшр

Carrot doesn't have to be boring. It even doesn't have to be of orange colour. I didn't know it until visiting one day a Reformhaus in Cologne. I found there a violet carrot, which was violet oly in the outside, and inside still orange.Raw it iasted to me just like sunflower seeds. I am not in Germany anymore, time for studying there is over, but my beloved sister brought me lately two packs of colourful carrots to cook something delicious. She loves my experiments, that is why I love to cook for her.

carrots: violet, yellow and orange (or only orange if you have)
1 big violet onion
1 spoon dried herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley and so on)
olive oil

1. Wash carrots but don't peel. Put into a pot with boiling water with a spoon of sugar and half spoon of salt for 10 minutes. After that, peel and cut into slices. They should be not very soft.

2. Chop onion and fry with olive oil. Then soft and fragrant, add violet carrot slices.

3. In another pan fry yellow and orange slices. Add herbs. When soft, add violet ingredients.

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