Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Austrian strawberry dumplings

Polish: truskawka
Romansh: fraja
Faroese: jarðber
Croatian: cvijet
Cornish: sevienn
Chechen: ts'azamash
Yiddish: סטראבערי
Quechua: Muntipuquy
Nedersaksisch: Erebeie
Azeri: çiyələk
Guarani: yvapytã
Occitan: amorsa
Schwabisch: Bräschdleng
Punjabi: ਸਟਰੌਬੇਰੀ

Strawberries are the most beloved fruits in Poland. The season to buy and eat them begin in may and ends in june. This time if you are at the market, you will only smell the delicious aroma of fresh juicy red strawberries. They are cheap and we buy tons of them and freeze, to use them later in the wintertime when we start missing summer. Today I made strawberry Knödel basing at some Austrian recipes. We make those dumplings in Poland too, they are even called similarly (knedle) but made basically from flour pastry and not from soft cream cheese (German: Quark, Polish: serek homogenizowany), like Austrians use to do, and almost always with plums and covered with breadcrumbs fried with butter.

see also: Austrian apricot dumplings

400 gr quark / creamy curd / serek homogenizowany
150 gr flour
50 gr breadcrumbs
50 gr butter
1 egg
1 spoon vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon lemon zest, finely chopped
frozen strawberries, about 1/2 kg (fresh would be even better, I guess)

1. Beat butter with a mixer until soft and creamy. Separately, beat egg with vanilla sugar

2. Combine quark with flour and breadcrumbs

3. Mix butter, quark-flour-breadcrumbs and egg, add lemon zest. Let cool in a fridge for 1 hour

4. Form little balls in your hands (Wash your hands in water often to be able to obtain lovely balls) and put a strawberry inside each of them

5. Cook in salted water 15 minutes on a low heat

the rest of strawberries (you should have about 1 cup of them)
1 cup cream / sour cream / yoghurt
eventually powdered sugar to taste

Mix all the ingredients. Sauce is cold and Knödel warm. Tastes really good!

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