Thursday, 10 January 2008


Witam serdecznie! Bienvenid@s! Selamat Datang! ברוך הבא Welkom! Benvingut! Καλώς ορίσατε! Dobro Došli! Bine aţi venit! 欢迎光临! Hoş geldiniz! Vælkomin! Szia! सुस्वागतम्! Ongietorri! Добро пожаловать! !مرحبًا بكم Willkommen! Tervetuloa! !خوش آمدید Bem-Vind@s! Bonvenon! Bienvenue! Welcome to my site!

My name is Ewa. I live in Warsaw, Poland. I am just finishing my studies at the Warsaw University, Latin Amerian Institute. I was really wondering in which language should I write :) It could be Polish, Spanish or Portuguese... but I chose English, cause lately I don't use this important language at all. Writing a blog would be a great opportunity to polish my English :D Feel free to correct my grammatical mistakes or to write me in Polish, Spanish, Portuguese or even German. or in any language ;) Nah, just joking, but the fact is that I am passionately fond of languages, was learning even Kashubian, Nahuatl and Euskera, still collecting phrasebooks and foreign language dictionaries and enjoying a lot surfing through foreign culinary sites. I also love cross-stitch embroidery, regional variants of Polish language, making home-made cosmetics and preserves, reading, travelling, healthy food and way of life, sports - especially jogging, and of course cooking. I will share here some of my recipes, most of them are not taken from any site or cookbook but are just imagined by myself or taken from my mum or grandmum. Also when I watch a cooking program, I take it as an inspiration, I compare similar recipes in books and internet, add my own condiments and the result is differrent, mine. I was a vegetarian for some time but I decided that I really like giblets (anyway, I don't eat meat too often, only once a month some delicious hearts or liver), I often bake bread, I don't eat pasta (I just don't like), I love all vegetables, I refuse eating tripes, I make fresh homemade vegetable juices daily and since September 2007 I don't eat potatoes. Not that I depreciate - but after discovering in my local market a man selling turnips, I don't eat potatoes anymore. I will tell you why later :) Okay then, feel free to write me about my recipes and I hope that you will leave my site inspired :)


Tim said...

Awesome! I am in awe of your energy and insights. The interrelationship between language, culture, food/cooking and health fascinates me, too. I was searching for ways to eat buckwheat, such a wholesome and gluten-free grain. Some of your entries were inspiring, but I still want to try to pop it like corn. So far, no success.

Ewa said...

Tim, first of all hello, second of all thanks! I hope you are still visiting my blog! Did you manage to pop buckwheat? If you did, please let me know!